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Tuesday June 25th 2013, 11:45 pm
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Overload was not wrong! I have to keep my foot up for several hours a day and I still have not made it to the bottom of my Feedly once!

As an English teacher I have not (yet) found much practical stuff, but I would guess that like many of the people in my own department, the English teachers out there are reading, looking for the next awesomely teachable book and just don’t have time to write.  One idea that found that may be a little young for my students, but would still be very interesting was a reading history info-graphic. I was also very pleased to find that someone out there believes that books are a good thing and will not (and should not be an obsolete medium).  The article “A Case for Preserving the Pleasure of Deep Reading” was a relief and will be forwarded to my department as soon as I finish this post.

One article that I think may be of interest is about building a professional learning network.  I am still not exactly sure what Google+ but I think that the idea of a PLN is a great one and necessary in these times.

I really like the info-graphics.  One in particular that I really liked was about college myths. I teach in a private school where everyone goes to college, but I often think that my students have a very narrow view of what college is to most people.  This proves it.

So far, I have enjoyed the blogs by Annie Murphy Paul and Larry Ferlazzo the most, but I have an admitted preference for things that are more practical than theoretical.

Ok, just one more — as an English teacher, this is very cool!  It is an info-graphic (it seems I am on a roll with those) about citing images from Noodle Tools.

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